Chain Drag Conveyor Systems

The chain drag conveyor system is designed to cope with the largest production needs, and being of a modular construction can easily be extended to cope with an increase of production, these units can handle dust or shavings, and are equipped with explosion relief panels / doors.

These units have as standard one of two choices of automatic filter cleaning, one a reverse air the other a shaker system.

The start up, running and shutdown of the system is all operated through a fully automated electrical control panel.

Discharge of the waste would be through an S & D rotary valve, allowing the waste to pass into a transfer system or baler etc.
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Large chain drag conveyor system with four 40 hp main fans, extracting from four high speed moulders at

Arnold Laver Timber World Manchester
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Chain drag conveyor system with a 50hp & 25 hp main fans, extracting from a timber machining centre.

Install at Travis Perkins - Portslade